Sammy Dee
, Musician

SAMMY DEE (Ultrastretch, Perlon, Pokerflat, Hello? Repeat!, Kanzleramt)

With a career in electronic music spanning now twodecades, Sammy Dee has built and solidified a reputation for himself as an innovator of eclectic, off kilter sounds. He began to DJ in Kassel in the late eighties, soon after which he moved back to his hometown of Berlin, hosting residencies at such clubs as Tresor/Globus and Ostgut. A particular night, which made Ostgut's Panorama bar famous, and which still continues to a packed house, is "...get perlonized." Arguably, one of the most consistently successful club nights in Europe. Organized together with Pantytec production partner and Perlon label co founder Zip, they put together a showcase for the unique sounds of Perlon that would unknowingly influence many worldwide.

Complementing Sammy's unique blend of stripped down house and techno sets have always proved to be one of the foundations of the night. When Sammy is on the decks there is no doubt that he is recognized as one of the key veterans and icons of the electronic music scene. Currently on the production side, a new solo project is crystallizing. A departure from his co-productions, you will just have to keep your ears tuned...

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