, Musician
, Techno

Milan born and based VG+ has a profound passion for electronic music and vinyl culture.
In Federicos humble beginnings - the mid teens  - he compulsively started collecting records of
all kinds of underground genres.

Locked up in his bedroom and getting lost in the universe of
sounds, it soon inspired him to start sharpening his DJ Skills. He has become an important part
in the Milanese techno scene whether playing remarkable DJ Sets during his residency at Dude Club or being employed in Serendeepity - Milans largest record store.

Obsessed with the art of Djing and the mysticism behind it, Federico loves to spend his time with finding playable tracks, one after the other, creating musical journeys where mind and soul go between different unconsciousness states. His sets reveal a raw, puristic and introspective character and take the audience on a voyage to unknown orbits.

Besides VG+, Federico also runs the debauched project Anal Virginity. It fuels his insatiable desire to play the sounds of dark ambient, post - punk, industrial or electro during his own regular nights - Hormonal Sequenze - in Dude Club. He also contributed a mix CD to Alexey Volkov 's latest release on „Jealous God“ in 2015. More to come...

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